Elder Sister is a Blessing…

My sister Sukhmani whom everyone adores and admires, is a very loving and caring human being. She is about to be nine this year (2012) in April. I must say that having an elder sister is a bliss and having a caring elder sister is His blessing.

I am told by my parents and now seen photos of my first day of arrival in this world that she has been very possessive and loving from the very first meeting with me. Though my parents were a bit worried that how she will react to my arrival, as most of the first siblings are not comfortable with the arrival of the second baby.

She cares beyond my words!


My Most Favourite Toy…

My Ferrari...my most favourite Gift...

I love this Ferrari as my most favourite toy as of now, which was sent to me as a gift by Dr Indraneil Das, a well established herpetologist internally. My father and he are very good friends and have done field work together many times in the past 22 years.

Its a remote controlled and battery operated car toy. I love its look, built and speed. It makes real noise of speed and renders a great thrill to me.

My mother has taught us how to keep our toys tidy and in good condition.

Thank You Maa…

Mother has the most special place in everyone’s life and every kid loves ones own mother the most on this earth. There are no words which can express my feelings and gratitude for her love and care she showers on me. My mother is the fountain of love for me. She has sacrificed so much to bring me up even to the age of four that no matter what I do to pay her back, will never ever be able to do even minuscule of it. I am sure everyone’s mother is caring more than the other in this world.

My mother whom I call `Maa’, has shared all my infanthood stories with me, of which I have not been aware like all other kids. Now, I feel how much I have bothered my mother right from my arrival in this world. But she still loves me and adores me as her best reward in life.

Chirag with rat snake and mother Dr Rajbir Kaur Sharma

Eversince I have started going to my school St Kabir, Chandigarh, my mother toils every morning to get me ready for the school. She packs very healthy freshly cooked food for me everyday. My dress is always the most immaculately prepared. When I look around in my class, I see many of my class-mates who get ready-made junk food, mothers have no time for them. It seems their mothers take their school as drudgery or its all verbal only. This is where I find my mother so special and different, as you all say `class apart’. There is always a bright smile on my mother’s face. She is always there to receive me at the school bus stop. And I wait for the moment when I alight from the bus and straight into my mother’s warm lap. Its this hug and kiss which I yearn for all the time and dream while travelling in school bus on my return trip for home. The touch of mother is like a high voltage charger! All my fatigue dissipates in a split second!

As of now, I can only say thanks to my mother. I am lucky to have a mother who is so caring… certainly more caring than mothers of many kids around me. Most of these modern young mothers live artificial life, I can say so based on facts, some just can not work and others have no inclination to do so. I won’t hesitate to say that most of them have no clue how to live a happy family life. Though, these days its in vogue to talk about family and all related issues in a stylish manner. They think buy an expensive toy or get a 24×7 maid-servant to look after kids, that  is the best they can do as mothers.

My mother has groomed me so carefully, from the day one that I got admission at St Kabir School, so easily that it made most raise their eyebrows about my admission. For, I had never been to a preparatory school.

My School – St Kabir Public School !

Chirag Leaving for his School on the First Day.

In 2009, I got admission in Pre-Nursery class at St Kabir Public School, Chandigarh. I am proud to be the student of one of the best schools of Chandigarh, rather the best school of the region! Usually, kids go to preparatory schools, before seeking admission in Pre-Nursery, but I was lucky to have learnt that part with my parents, at home. Almost all parents, around us, had lost their sleep and peace, to ensure their kids get admission in the best school. There was a mad rush for filling up admission forms, almost at schools. In fact, most parents got their children `grilled & baked’ at different training outfits, to prepare for the selection system, which is called interview of kids and parents or whatever. I think, schools have to device some method to see which kid to admit, so school gets best students. I have been very lucky that I was under no pressure from my parents and I enjoyed my childhood like a free bird and a butterfly. I did what I liked… sleep, scream, jump, eat, throw tantrums, play with softy toys, see my mother (Dr Rajbir Kaur Sharma) handling snakes, while my father (Capt Suresh Sharma) photographed them, etc.

My anxious mother, at the gate of my school to recieve me on the first day...

When people around us, came to know that I got admission in St Kabir, everyone was in awe and asked my mother, with their mouths wide open, “How come Chirag got admission in St Kabir, he did not even go to any preparatory school for training”. My sweet mother replied with smile “Probably that is the reason he got admission”. How wonderful of my parents! I wish all parents could plan and act that way. Its was not at all difficult to get admission in one of the top most schools of the Tri-City Chandigarh. My suggestion to all is – be your `original-self’ and be a good human being – happiness in any field will be yours.

I am proud of my family and my school, St Kabir Public School, a very well managed school by passionate team of highly motivated professionals. I love going to my school.